I started blogging in 2001, before the booming era of social media. In the subsequent years, I was caught up trying to earn money via sponsored content which probably was a little silly. Having said that, my sister and I earned a substantial amount of USD which I mostly spent on watching tennis matches in the late 2000s.

Whilst social media continued to boom and long-winded blogging habits started to dwindle down, I still continued writing blogging - sometimes for money, other times to express disappointments. I previously even paid for my own domain. I never managed to rise up as a famous blogger, but I enjoyed writing and meeting random friends from those blogging days.

More than 15 years later, in the era of Whatsapp, Facebook and Youtube, I am back here on the good ol' blogging platform. I feel safer here as I believe no one really reads my blog anymore. After almost a decade of college, medical school and housemanship, my flair of writing has since gone down the drain. Nowadays, this blog serves as a place to express my thoughts and indexing my journey in life.


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