How to lose one kilo

Many people commented that I have lost weight since coming back from district after a one-year stint there.

Truth to be told - I only lost one kilo on the weighing scale! Yet, everyone commented that I looked like I have lost quite a significant amount. I am thankful that I look much healthier these days, but I must admit; it is not easy to keep up.

A year ago before I left for district
So, how did I lose that one kilo?

I wanted to say, "just fall in love!" but I think no one would believe. I still think it was the main reason of metabolism recovery (to the very least) for my body.

Therefore, I am trying to lay out tips on how to lose that one kilo

1. Eat a hearty breakfast 
I find that a full breakfast at the start of the day helps keep you full and reduce the risk of eating plenty of junk food. I usually do a big bowl of oats and something else - toast, sio bee or whatever. If I don't do breakfast, I find that I eat various random food which may include unhealthy options. A little bit of snacks here and there in the pantry just all add up! This, I am guilty of, at all times.

2. Stop ordering drinks and no more soft drinks
The main culprit comes from that excessive sugar intake, hence saying 'no' whenever you are out for a meal saves you quite an amount of sugar. Even a so-called 'healthy fruit juice' contains ridiculous amounts of sugar. Cutting out the sugar would save you loads of calorie. I have been trying this but I do sometimes give into temptation of ordering the occasional kopi c peng kaw.. Otherwise, I have been opting for chinese tea rather than soft drinks during wedding dinners.

3. Avoid processed food
One obvious change I noticed in my daily intake is the increased proportions of raw ingredients instead of processed food. Instead of buying bags of meat and fish balls for the soup, I opted for carrots, tofu, green leafy vegetables. Buy raw meat and cook them, instead of packages of say, nuggets or what-not.

4. HIIT and strength training
It is always good to boost some feel-good hormones with a cardio and strength work out. Although time may not be on your side, a dose of work out, no matter how short it is, can be helpful to release endorphins and hopefully boost your metabolism. I honestly do not believe that working out is the only way to lose weight. In fact, I have been doing it for years.. and why is it only now that I managed to lose that one kilo?

5. Falling in love
Trust me, it does increase your metabolism. It is that increased heart rate causing increased ATP consumption hence increased metabolism rate altogether. However, you may ask, how sustainable is it? I have no answer really..


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