Guess who is back (after ONE year!)

Oh yes. I am back.

Has it really been a year?

Yes, I guess.

I half expected madness typical the blur me being lost. Instead, I was greeted by many familiar faces who then tell me, "You lost weight!!"

Totally made my day, even though I probably only effectively lost one kilo.

I must say, though, it is so good to be back home. Managed to reorganise my wardrobe -

I have survived two days of work so far. My superior was probably right about me being 'too bored' in district, hence thinking too much and subsequently jeopardised my own future by declining a once-in-a-lifetime chance of becoming an anaesthetist.

I am not sure. I guess so many things have happened that I do not even know where to begin. I have so many questions unanswered. The doubts that clouded my head and tickled my soul. Yet, the words on the postcards just make me so warm and fuzzy every time I read them. They make me smile and imagine that there is more than just a few lines of chatting everyday. 

The dreamer in me sometimes just love dreaming, after all.


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