We almost

We are halfway through the year - whilst most of my friends are embarking on a very exciting journey doing postgraduate studies enroute to becoming a specialist, I am still stuck in a district with frustrating moments and whirlwinds of fantasies.

Therefore, I decided to take a short break home.

It was a relaxing and stress-free time at home, with 10-hour sleep everyday, good food and fast internet connection. I watched documentaries Chrome-casted on the tellie and bug the cute dog for a series of selfies.

To date, I still do not really know what and how things are going to work. This is really a walk by faith, I assume. While the whole world condemns my unconventional decision, I still hold a tiny dream of what-if.

Speaking of unconventional, I think my life is really going into the unconventional realms of late. I do not even know how to explain it at the moment.


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