Home for five

It has only been fourth time back since I transfered to the district. Each time I do not spend more than a week back home. It is only five nights this time round - but boy, was it great!

This time round, the occasion is a friend's wedding. I promised her since end of last year that I will make it and thank God for no glitches. It was a good trip back home.

It must have been miserable to attend a wedding without any plus one - so when the bride invited my bestie Noisette whom she also got to know during the London era, it was like an almost-all-Nuts reunion (except the other nut who is actually literally in London at that time).

 Suffice to say, the wedding was a beautiful one. The simplicity was the key to a fine wedding altogether. At the personal level, it is a touching scene for me as I have always looked up to the bride as a friend and senior who is woman of principle; someone fun and steadfast. Interesting to note, I actually first met her the very next day I arrived in London back in 2009. It was in church, I recall. Introduced via a friend who has since been deleted off my radar. Hah hah hah.

 It is also interesting to note how sometimes it can be so random and unplanned yet these friends are the ones who end up connecting with you and keeping in touch til now.

I am never good in socialising but the Table 7 I was in happened to be a very fun table that night during the evening reception. I met new friends and had a good laugh all night through. Another area that I have remarkedly improved in was my choice of beverages. I finally could give up that free flow option of soft drinks, opting instead chinese tea and two glasses of fine red wine.

Although the reality does not really support my dreams, I often do wander off in my mind palace - about the possibility of having a wedding of my own. I do wonder who are the guests who would attend and if the housemate speech is still feasible to fit into today's circumstances. After a few stanzas of ideas, I would then quickly dismiss the thoughts because dreaming can be detrimental sometimes.


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