Mind palace

I have been thinking a lot. My thought processes even manifest in my dreams at night. I couldn't really pin point why I think so much. I wish I do not analyse every possible scenario. I wish I could just not think for a while. It makes me hope too much and then fall back on disappointments. 

Honestly, I never really see myself tangled up in such a situation at this age. I always thought it was yes or no. Not grey areas that create questions and possibilities. I don't like playing games and I don't ever think I would be playing any game ever. I just want to be honest, truthful and straight forward. 

Yet, in the midst of trying to be earnest, I find it hard to penetrate that barrier - especially when I do not really know what the other side is thinking of. Therefore, I try to make deductions. They are sometimes accurate, mostly just over thinking on my side. Not sure if this is healthy but if it goes on, I might just go crazy...


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