March, and we are marching on

It is incredible how time just flies by ever so swiftly.
I thought I just got used to idea of scribbling 2017 and we are almost halfway through the third month of the year! Before we know it, June will come and half of the year is engulfed into nothing-ness.

What have I accomplished?

Yes, I have passed one (small, tiny) exam for a start.

Yes, I have thrown away some confusing thoughts and person off.

Yes, I have met new people again. Sort of.

Thrown the orange.


Otherwise, I am pretty much myself. I have been sleeping earlier these days and waking up earlier as well - usually for workouts. I may slowly gain back all that I have lost but I am determined to try to keep them off as long as possible. There may not be midnight early morning random chats on the phone anymore. There may not be good morning, sunshine greetings to wake me up. But I can still manage on my own.

Work wise, I have become numb.

Studies wise, I am still struggling.

Life wise, I am coping.


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