Dependence and withdrawal

 Yesterday, after a 24-hour oncall, I came back for a home workout followed by an impulsive hair dying at a neighbourhood home saloon. After putting the bones to cook for my healthy pumpkin soup, I went for a short nap.

You would think all was well. But somehow, I kept feeling a tightness over my left fronto-temporal region. It soon became what I call a splitting headache. I do not usually suffer from migraines so I was a little puzzled. It soon dawned in me by early evening that I actually didn't have any coffee consumption the entire day.. Hence, the withdrawal headache.

I surprised myself at this dependence on caffeine. It no longer makes me feel awake, however, the lack of it certainly created a huge withdrawal symptom - that splitting one-sided headache. The fact that I actually consume a minimum of three cups per day does not help it either. I guess this caffeine dependence is slowly creeping into my life without me realising it.

But isn't that the case for most things in our lives? Most of the time, we do not realise how dependent we become with certain things or persons. When they are suddenly gone, the withdrawal symptoms set in and we ache for the loss, without realising how much we have come accustomed to them on the first place.

The antidote?

Detox is the key. We just need that time out, selah or whatever you call it - a time out to flush all these things out of our system once in a while to ensure that we can move on without the withdrawal symptoms. And in the scenarios when it does happen? I suppose we humans are great in adapting. We can adapt and acclimatise  well to changes. Give us time, we will adjust.


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