To better beginnings

Within a blink of the eye, the first month of 2017 has gone by. Just like that!

CNY has come and (almost) gone too. I have come back to work on CNY Day 7.

To be honest, I was actually dreading this CNY season for a few reason - not wanting to be put out there to be called a leftover single and then the whole world is trying to pair you up. Or even worse, people speculating your love life up down left right centre.

Surprisingly, I think I had quite a good CNY this year.

It started off with Roger Federer winning his 18th Grand Slam at the recent Australian Open - not many could dare to imagine him winning yet another Slam and yet he did it. Bittersweet it should be, it had to be Rafa that he met in the finals. What are the odds! in the year 2017!!

Then the 5am to 7pm drive from Miri all the way to Kuching on CNY Day 3. I took part in the driving - did some 3 hours plus of driving on the trunk road and find it really exhausting and butt-flattening experience.

 Us girls on Day One CNY


Managed to squeeze a meet up with Un and Maddie

Customary atas dinner for Federer's win - this time at Zinc

Visiting CK

Bing coffee will always hold a nostalgic place in my heart

Friends commented that I looked happier and more radiant these days. Little do they know what crap I was going through, I guess the more I try to smile, the more genuine it has become and who knows? I may just be happier after all these that happened.

So, if you're wondering..


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