The emotional attachment

I went to church this morning. Seated there, a sudden realisation that it is my first church service since Christmas. That's almost two months. The last time I went to church, we were still talking like 1247103 lines a day. I recalled how I snapped the Christmas message and sent it to him. I remembered how he would ask if I was getting ready to go to church, why was I texting while driving (I did not)...

And all those memories just came back to me whilst I was sitting there. Little did I know, the void of two months not being able to attend church due to work and travel caused such a vacuum, And now that I am back, things are visibly and invisibly different. I know - I should not be even talking about all these anymore (I promised I would not even write or talk about it), yet the sentimental me sometimes demand some self explanation and reasoning to satisfy myself. His name has dropped down bottom at the Whatsapp list and may disappear even sooner than I thought.

Funny how things have turned out to be. Expected or unexpected. Definitely unexpected. After this failed course of trying to get to know someone, I possibly would not subject myself to the same situation anymore. Or so I thought. I think the emotional thirst is there most days and you get affected when you want to talk so much yet get no reply. 

That said, I have filled myself with my weekly dose of The Graham Norton show yesterday during my post call day and then completed the Season 4 of Sherlock.


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