When I started 2016

Only a fortnight or so before we end this year and usher in the new year 2017.

It feels surreal to think that we are that close to the so-called wawasan 2020. It does not feel real at all. 

When I started 2016, I was working in the Heart Centre, it was like a refuge for me. I hated it in the beginning but I grew to really love it two months in and when I was leaving the place, I felt so heavy hearted.

When I started 2016, I did not one time even suspected that I would be transferred away from my comfort zone, the very place I started my career - that old, tattered hospital which caught fire twice in my very short career there. I genuinely thought I was in the low-risk group as I have missed the boat once in 2015. But little did I know, I got selected rather randomly and unexpectedly, defying all the norms in the department.

When I started 2016, I never thought I would lose my friend Sylvia. She was my fourth and fifth form bestie in school and we used to talk over the phone for hours over I-dont-even-remember-what-topics. We were always the two chosen girls to be the one who pin flowers on VIPs on formal occasions. Our friendship suffered a strain in our earlier twenties but we patched up rather well and became close following the last few years of her life. I never thought she would leave this year. Never. Ever. Not even close.

When I started 2016, I did not think I would fall for someone again. I even reached a point I actually questioned myself if I had lost interest in men altogether (yes, scary I know). I did not once think it would ever happen anymore and secretly celebrating my carefree, independent life as a woman in her thirties. A month short of 2017, I started to doubt myself.


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