A month to Christmas

It has become a habit for me to sigh and say how time flies. It is again, the time of the year where we try to wrap things up and prepare a whole list of resolution for next year. It has since become customary for me to also 'wrap things up' and list down my so-called resolutions for next year.

Last year I wrote here in a Christmas and Resolution post.

Since I foresee a busy December ahead, I am going to pen down now.

The quick list I had last year for my 2016 was -

1. Workout to strengthen, to tone and to be fit - aside from losing some weight, hopefully - No weight lost but at least I am sort of on track with my home workout videos
2. Actively studying for an exam Yes, doing it now
3. Start putting on some make up - No, only still the brows
4. Sleep less (slightly far fetched) - I think this showed an exponential improvement only since 4 days ago
5. Tend to the garden a bit - Nope, I ended up shockingly being transfered to a small district in August
6. Convert another 10k to GBP possibly - Nope, found myself tied down with loan commitment
7. Go for a Turn Thirty Trip - OH YESSSSS!!! BALI!
8. Eat more kimchi-based meals - sort of, and kind of - Just had kimchi soup yesterday for dinner!
9. Watch more good quality movies - Hard to say this one..
10. Conquer the IJV CVL insertion - Not great but definitely improved from last year
I have a month left in this year and two major exams upcoming...

This month also marks the first time I went back to Kuching after being transfered for a wedding where I had the honour to become the MOH/sole bridesmaid ...

Who would have thought?

Anyway -

My 2017 resolutions...

*quick thoughts*

1. Pass a professional paper (or at least a part of it)
2. Continue to work out and improve on my stamina
3. Shoot more YouTube videos for fun
4. Drink a lemon/apple cider vinegar/cinnamon/cayenne pepper drink every morning (been doing it for few months)
5. Play more piano
6. Get transfered back to the hometown
7. Figure out if I really want to do anaesthetics
8. Learn at least the supraclavicular block
9. Be more confident at my ultrasound skills
10. Maybe fall in love again (a little skeptical about this nowadays)


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