At present

We are coming to the last two months of the year..

And you may ask yourself, what just happened to the 10 months of the year? Why is it that time go by so swiftly you are not even aware that 2017 is lurking round the corner?

What happened to my life?

2016 has seen many changes in my life. My sister got married in September, after briefly started dating her old classmate whom she sort of dated almost 15 years ago. Fate?

My younger sister has since started working as a dentist.

We are coping with financing the condo we bought over the South China Sea.

I got transfered to a district I was born in.

I convinced my youngest sister to watch Phantom (my favourite musical, one may claim) and she ended up watching the 30th anniversary special gala performance - such a historic event!

That is many events involving many sisters I have.

I still think Eddie Redmayne is really adorable.. and have since added Benedict Cumberbatch into my watch list.

My weight has not improved. I am trying to do 15-20 minute workout every day or at least 4 times a week, focusing on core, abs and cardio.

Alright, to end this post - an overexposed picture -


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