The £3 duvet cover

He showed off his ikea haul of a £3 duvet cover. I was clearly smitten at such a good deal. Why didn't you get me a set, I asked. He argued back, how would he know I wanted.

We then walked around Battersea Park. I was still heavy hearted, not knowing how to voice out my actual reason of meeting up. We walked in silence, I took a photo of our shadows, the only proof we ever walked that park.

It was time for me to take the bus back to SW17. I still had not told him what I planned to - I did not know how to. He walked me to the bus stop and before I boarded the bus, he shoved a shopping bag into my hands.

It was the £3 duvet cover!

I told him I could get them myself at ikea in Croydon after all. He insisted.

That was the last time we spent time together.

He finally made the choice of leaving me, with a £3 duvet cover which I still use til this day.


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