The 2016 V Day

How has your V day been?

Mine is spent staying the weekend in the hospital on call. I suppose having the excuse of being on call is by far the best thing to avoid awkward questions when it comes to V day or V-related matters.

My rather cosy office

I am approaching thirty this year (yay!) and I haven't had a Valentine since the day I was born. It is funny because aside from my fluctuating weight problem, I actually think I am quite a good candidate for a normal man. Alright - so I do not cook, nor am I good in housekeeping. I do not dress up nor do I use make up. I sleep way too early at night and I prefer a home hangout than pub crawling. I suppose all my features just do not attract any normal person. Not my loss, entirely, I suppose. Who can actually stand a pessimist like me..

I suppose the me today is at a better position to reflect on my past in such a neutral stance. I watched The Holiday again two nights ago - such an impromptu choice. Strangely enough, I did not find any parallels of my sad state to Iris's pathetic rant on unrequited love. Yes, I had my share of very messy moments with a stupid Jasper. But all those have since dissipated into nothing-ness. I hardly feel the ache anymore.

And how in the hell for that brief moment you could think that you were that happy.
Instead, I find myself thinking Jude Law is not bad looking, actually. Hah haha.

So. Truly. I do not see why one should be attached or married now that women can be equally independent as men. Why would you subject yourself to be the wage earner, housekeeper, nanny and everything-else to a man when you actually can savour your earn earnings for yourself? Why do you have to share his commitment, carry his burden as well? Why should I even subject myself to all these when I can be as free as a bird now, without any string attached?

The answer is clear - it is only worth it IF, and only IF, you fall in love with a man without any reason, excuse or explanation. It has to happen just like that - no word to describe, nothing to comprehend. It is that chemistry. Like I always said, you do not choose who you fall for. And if it happens, it is worth the world to be with him.

'Til then.. no one is worth it. Men are just a waste of time.


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