Slightly, or very much defeated

I am not sure I can do this. I do not actually recall 80-85% of the basic sciences I learnt some ten years ago. When I say I do not recall, I really mean it. Somewhere, some things do ring a bell but my brain cannot seem to retrieve any long term data. Every detail seems hazy to me. I am left guessing most of the times when it comes to multiple choice questions.

True of false.

I find that True/False questions are a real torture. Maybe it is because I have never been brought up to do this type of questions. The 50-50 probability really kills. The statements often leave you in so much doubt, you begin to question your own sanity.

I have been doing over 600 questions with very, very poor achievement so far. Hence, the title of my post today. I attempted to read from the basics but the brain simply cannot retain. That was when I thought maybe I should just do questions til I puke. I have yet to puke but I feel completely crushed. Defeated, at such.

Should I really give up. Is this worth the fight, when the brain clearly cannot consolidate anything anymore?


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