Movie count this year = 9
Book count this year = 0

Latest film I watched was Joy.

 Speaking of joy as the word on its own, I started to ponder - has joy dissipated off from my life?

Why is that I only complain even writing here? Where is that bursts of joy in the heart that make me leap, jump and dance? Where has the joy gone? Why should I be miserable, stressed out and exhausted all the time?

Is there no positive thing at all in my life?

Or do I only find joy sleeping in bed on a rainy day?

I am hitting thirty really soon. I wrote a letter to my thirty self some years ago. I probably should revisit that letter soon. I did not actually envision myself living my life this way, after all. I have lost direction and many times, lost the hope too.



I really should stop watching films on the ipad


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