Movies this year

It is only the first week of the year yet I have already watched three movies! What a way to kickstart the year!

The first one is Breakfast at Tiffany's a 1961 film starring the famous Audrey Hepburn. I caught it on tv. Curious, initially, I watched it only because it is such a famous movie. I must say - I think it is a rather funny (in a weird way) sort of movie. I had to keep reminding myself that this is a 1960s film.

Next, I decided to catch The Danish Girl. Because it is banned in this country, I resorted to watching it on my ipad in bed. I have to admit - I like Eddie Redmayne and I think he is really cute. Surprisingly enough, my med school buddy Minnie (*not real name) is also a Redmayne fan. This is actually the first time we can agree on a guy's shuai-ness. We never had the same taste when it comes to men so this came as quite a shock. I also don't know I like Redmayne - I just find him really funny and cute. Heh.

Two nights ago, I decided to then turn on to the internet and stream the latest much awaited Sherlock: The Abominable Wife. The BBC series is really smart and often leave me to feel that I am just so slow in terms of mental capabillities. This installment definitely is clearer than the previous ones - yet I still had to read reviews to understand.


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