Christmas this year, resolutions for next

This year's Christmas, I spent it with my group of friends whom I have become quite close with thanks to Whatsapp group chat. We are a bunch of anaesthetist-wannabes whose personalities range from ADHD to often melancholic hypersomlonence type. Flawed in many ways yet we strive to stay on together. It is indeed a beautifully unique friendship which I really cherish.

Post Christmas I spent two nights at the Heart Centre being oncall. It was a terrifying yet eventful call which made my heart flop. I thank God I managed to intubate the patient without even visualising the vocal cords.


Really, I digressed.

A few things I have achieved this year -
1. Watched more movies than I ever did other years
2. Started drawing the eye brows in an attempt to change their shape
3. Sat on extreme roller coasters
4. Travelled to 4 different countries

Just a quickie - resolutions for 2016!

1. Workout to strengthen, to tone and to be fit - aside from losing some weight, hopefully
2. Actively studying for an exam
3. Start putting on some make up
4. Sleep less (slightly far fetched)
5. Tend to the garden a bit
6. Convert another 10k to GBP possibly
7. Go for a Turn Thirty Trip
8. Eat more kimchi-based meals
9. Watch more good quality movies
10. Conquer the IJV CVL insertion


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