2015 coming to an end

Funny how time can fly by so swiftly that by the time you finally decided to start doing something useful, the calendar tells you that it is coming to the end of the year. Time to regroup!

So how have I fared so far?

To be honest, I have yet to accomplished anything major this year.

Weight, Health and Fitness
Weight issue is still lingering around. Eating disorder is getting more apparent as I lose motivation for almost anything. Swimming is currently hampered as I developed an isolated fungal infection patch on my arm. YouTube workout sessions are the only thing I try to do but my latest problem has been the lower back pain. This gnawing back pain has creeped into my life.. even before I turn thirty!

Books versus movies
I am quite ashamed to admit but I have not been very disciplined in the bookworm department this year. Instead, I watch more films - in the movies or streaming online. What has changed? I am not sure myself. I used to love reading so much. Good, quality works such as The Atonement, The Great Gatsby and many more which I used to really enjoy. Guilty as charged - I have Anna Karenina lying at my bedside table for months... untouched.

Maintaining friendships require effort. This means getting in touch with friends from time to time. Having technology like Whatsapp is definitely helpful - but sometimes, I still fail to reply messages because I read them too fast and then forgot completely after that. This year, I have also got to know one or two new people better - forging new friendships. Besides that, I also attended a wedding of my old time 'frenemy' from the mid-1990s. During which, I met another friend whom I have not met in almost 20 years.

Roller coasters
Never quite expected myself to be riding them - at least five rather 'extreme' rides from my visits to Disneyland Paris and Universal Studios Singapore. This, perhaps, should be called an accomplishment indeed.


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