Singapore 15 years on

The last time I stepped on this island was in late 2001 when I attended the exam and interview for my ASEAN scholarship application. I eventually secured an offer to study in one of the secondary schools in Singapore fully sponsored with boarding and stuff. I was so excited to start a new phase of my life in a clean and developed country - but my hopes and were crushed when my parents decided maybe it was best to forgo the offer.

Disappointments entailed but little did I realise, that was my final trip to Singapore until last week. The irony was that I finally decided to make a trip there to attend the wedding of one of my primary school enemies. The 'enemy' was my primary school rival who is now a dentist there.

I began the trip there midweek at the worst haze season. That, however, did not deter us from visiting the Universal Studios at Sentosa. Without doing any research, I got conned into sitting on the extreme Battlestar Galactica roller coaster which was previously closed for almost to years for safety reasons.

Outside USS

Behind us is the Battlestar Galatica - we sat on both the human and cylon tracks! Madness!

A solo trip turned out to be a sisters trip.. then a cousins trip. It was really fun albeit the tiring coffee withdrawals I often had.

At Dazzling Cafe in a rather posh Capitol Theatres

Iconic landmarks captured in photos despite the haze

Or silly pictures like this..

Despite this trip being a cousins trip of some sort, I managed to squeeze in dinner with the hazelnut and Minnie maus. 

At Orchard Central after dinner

The climax of the trip was the wedding banquet I attended, which was just a couple of stops away by bus. It was grand and touching. I did not manage to get nice photos to justify how beautiful and awesome the banquet was. The bonus bit was meeting up with a childhood friend who is like an ultra far relation of mine whom I haven't met in almost twenty years!

The verdict? Definitely worth another visit in the future - pending the currency exchange, of course!

Goodbye from Changi Airport


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