Back to the future me

There has been quite a buzz about the 'Back to the future II' day - which is actually today, 21 October 2015. While I scouted around for articles (eg this one from CNN) to enrich my almost non existent knowledge about the movie and its relation to the 'future' ie today, I cannot stop myself from thinking of what I would had envisioned for my future self when I was 9 or 10.

Did I see myself as a doctor?
Yes. But I did not think my life was so hectic I practically stopped enjoying it. I also did not foresee myself loving what I am doing now - anaesthetics. I do not even think I knew what anaesthetics was!

Did I see myself being single and hopelessly unmarried at this age?
No. I saw myself settling down in my mid twenties, leading a pretty normal life. Nothing like what I am today - someone without clear direction and always deprived of sleep. I certainly did not foresee myself having a void when it comes to relationships. I often thought normal people would eventually meet someone in their lives whom they would marry. Sadly to say, things never came true.

Did I see myself living in a nice home?
Surprisingly enough, I always dreamt and hoped to refurbish this old house and 3 years ago, my parents actually got it done pretty neatly. I saw the unused spacious balcony as an extra space. Today, the space has been closed up and extended as part of my room with the addition of a bathroom.


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