Need a little bit of distraction

Following my previous title, I have started putting in a little more effort into my rather mundane life. I brought a book to work! Yay!
Today's title is a little bit of 'distraction'. I suppose a distraction perhaps can spice up my life a little? The last time I had a single distraction was probably half a decade ago. Nowadays, I am hardly distracted. Yet, I am still not focused. Such oxy moron I am, truly.
I dug out my box of letters, cards and post cards. I found some confession letters from a possible 'distractor'. I read through all three long letters and came out with a conclusion.
Sorry. I apologise for sounding rude and loud.
Maybe this is the absolute truth. Guys really only care about looks. Physical bits. If you are fat and unflattering like my current self , you would just end up having no distraction. The content of the letters I received was all about wow, actually you are very pretty yada yada yada. I wanna pursue you because you are really beautiful.

Ya. Ya. Ya. Whatever. Alright, so I paraphrased it. But the gist is there. Period.
On another side of things, distractions may blind you and lead you into a string of heartbreaks.
So really... Is a distraction required at this point in my life?


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