Need a little bit of direction

I have put off studying for at least six months. That is half a year, so to speak! With my two new editions of Peter Kam and T Peck, I really have no excuse not to start reading.

So, what have I accomplished in these six months of slacking?

Ashamed to say, I did not even read my collection of novels, nor practise on my cheap digital piano. Instead, I was probably wasting my time scrolling through Facebook and spinning on Slotomania. I watched a fair bit of TV and movie on the iPad, attempted cooking baking recently (but failed awfully) and still trying to work out and lose weight. I lost 1 kg and managed to squeeze back into my size 10 DP jeans, if that is considered an achievement.

Not so much of accomplishment, eh?

It is already August. While I am getting nearer and nearer to the big THIRTY, I really need to get a little focus and direction in life. Whether it is career, fitness, health or even relationships. I need to buck up and stop sleeping so much.

I shall come back soon to evaluate ..


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