So many things have happened

So many things have happened since my last post. I don't even know where to begin.

UK trip
It was an awesome albeit tiresome trip. It was good to catch up with friends, rather impromptu.

Not only that, to be able to watch musicals again was just great. My third Phantom of the Opera, second Wicked and Once starring Ronan Keating. Then there was great food - Duck and Waffle, The Breakfast Club, Kanada-Ya. Also managed to revisit some of my favourite places such as Borough Market, Monmouth Coffee and that Covent Garden tesco.

Failed screening test
Oh yes. A huge big fat failure in my face. I am really at the point I am wondering if I should even consider this path or go somewhere where I could actually manage. How ironic that this is probably the only thing I enjoyed in medical school yet ended flunking it.

He got married
Oh yes. Self explanatory. I don't know why I have been quite bothered with this, No matter how much I reiterate that I don't care. I guess I just feel rather rubbish because I have yet to prove to him that I am way better now than 5 years ago. Instead, I am here struggling with my career, finances and weight. It just feels unfair somewhat. So unfair.

Gawai and tuak
Okay. Out of idea what to write. 

Latest pic with the gang as below..


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