Am I allowed to rant!

It is supposed to be a beautiful Saturday. I woke up at 7am, made a berries smoothie and planned to go for a swim. But what propped up was a series of unfortunate events, little things that ticked me off. I just have to rant here, sorry about that.

Firstly, the car would not start. I have a second car which I use mostly during weekends and today, the car died on me. I had to get out and change another car.. Just to realise I left my pen drive in the car-that-would-not-start. Annoyed, I went to the aquatic centre. When I reached there, I came out and saw my car's tyre jamming into the curb. I had to spend 30 seconds to re park the car. I got slightly more annoyed by then.

The swim was uneventful, thank God. I did a quick ten-lap because at the back of my mind was that car which I had to settle at home. When I reached home, strangely you may say, the watering jug was in the middle of the porch! I could not park my car properly so I had to come down and get it off my way. By now, I became a little more irritated and agitated. I came out of the car and realised I left the house key in my car. Doubles wham! I got into the house and my colour pens fell off, leaving me to gather one by one into the slot. Triple wham?

I know these were just little glitches but when small things like these crop up, your level of irritation just escalates. I tried to fix the car, but to no avail. I gave up and decided to do the laundry. When I opened the washing machine cover, a cat jumped out and rushed out from the corner which scared me. I even wet-wiped the floor and the annoyance continued as I find lizard droppings everywhere. Which reminds me, I really need to destroy the lizard community in my home. Period.

After settling those, I made myself a cup of black filtered coffee. I sat down and faced my iPad, hoping to find something more entertaining. I had the fan switched on. All of a sudden, the fan slowed down.. And died. My spotify was still playing but I felt odd. I peeked into the study room.


That's what the epitome of my series of unfortunate events. My iPad's battery was draining out. There would not be wifi for me to be online.. The clothes were stacked in the machine!!

What could be worse? On a day which I was supposed to be chilling out..

So I came out to Starbucks to charge my iPad and get some internet. And also, to vent out.

End of story.


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