Hello 2015

Hard to believe that we are just half a decade away from the so-called Wawasan 2020!

Hello 2012!

I must confess - I have been thinking of refining my resolutions many, many times. But when I actually sit down I try to write them out here, I feel stuck. I get a mind block of some sort.

To kick off my 2015, my friend Angel has registered me into the 2015 Colour Rush charity run. Wooohooo! I therefore, reciprocated by waking up this morning to do a 3k run on my treadmill. So-called training, lol!

Will I be able to finish the 5k run I used to be able to do 5k under 30 minutes. Those were the days when I was 5kg lighter probably.

Today I also got myself a new pair of spectacles, something I last did probably half a decade ago. I suppose clarity and better vision may mean something more this year, no?


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