Seven random rants

1. I was so annoyed this morning when I arrived early to prepare the theatre alone and headed to the morning teaching. By the time I returned, they started were inducing the patient. Ugh. I should be the one doing the spinal. So, so annoyed I nearly wanted to burst. But I eventually calmed down. 

2. Despite me swimming more than ten laps each time, I noticed my speed is extremely slow. Happened today when I was swimming beside a presumely trained swimmer. How could she not kick yet propelled forward so effortlessly!

3. I like reading out to myself with a sophisticated accent to amuse myself. Currently, I am reading physiology at home and pharmacology at work. Really slow progress but better than none?

4. I bought a groupon voucher for a ramen dinner for two but have no one to go with me. The more I think of it, the more pathetic I feel about my non existent social life.

5. Sleep is so, so satisfying it is almost criminal not to have enough.

6. Why am I at my fattest again? Unfair.

7. I really despise being a foochow. Hmphhh.


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