2015 resolutions

I think for 2015 I should be realistic. I am, afterall, turning 30 pretty soon.

1. Continue swimming 10-20 laps, at least 3 times a week
2. Competent in doing epidurals (my major upset stressor this past month)
3. Revisit London, Paris and Amsterdam
4. Finish at least ONE of the many books I bought for anaesthetics
5. Regarding weight - this is one resolution that I would never achieve. I don't know if I should still aim high and then fail every year or should I just be really realistic and practical. I think I should just have a resolution to lose to a size between 10 and 12 and fit in ALL the dresses in my wardrobe which I cannot fit in now.
6. Get confirmed and possibly a cell group to belong to
7. Pick up tennis (my failed resolution for 2014)
8. Go to the movies at least 3 times
9. Save RM15k at least
10. Fall in love with a real character (it has been half a decade, dude)


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