It is December and I am still a virgin (oops)

I revisited my new year resolution list in the midst of feeling slightly jaded and disappointed over my piles of flabs and fat, and the fact that the only guy who truly was interested in me and the only guy I was interested in (mind you, they are, indeed, two separate individuals) got married this year.

I suddenly thought of my resolutions beginning of this year. It is, after all, December.

1. Get married - NOT DONE
Way too far a resolution. Period.

2. Get myself a cool headband - ACCOMPLISHED
In fact, I got more than just one cool headbands.. Not exactly difficult a task. Lol!

3. Renew my passport - ACCOMPLISHED
Just had it renewed last week. Procrastination!

4. Singapore to visit Hazelnut and Grace - NOT DONE 
Nope. Still not done. Add Minnie to the list, if I may. 

5. Lose 5 kilos. Not 10 but just FIVE will do for now - NOT DONE
Nope. Tough one. I maybe lost 2 kg at most, but gained back in no time. My source of frustration, trust me.

6. Graduate the housemanship - ACCOMPLISHED
Oh yeah, exactly two years. Not a single day off sick. Thank God for pulling me through!

7. Host a housewarming - almost ACCOMPLISHED
Alright.. Not strictly a housewarming but the crowd may just do. Had some gatherings at my place which was always fun.

8. Play tennis - NOT DONE yet
The nearest I got was Xbox Kinect tennis. If that even counts. So, no. Nope. Two years of not holding the racquet.. This is by far the longest since I started learning tennis.

9. Swim 10 laps a day - ACCOMPLISHED
Not strictly everyday but almost averaging up to that. What's better than having a swimming compatible Walkman to accompany a twenty lap in the pool? 

10. Stop dreaming - NOT DONE
Unfortunately, I am still dreaming. Case closed.

I got 5 out of 10. Is that a pass?


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