Curb it

Depression may be quite subtle at times. Just to quote an example: last week, I went to bed as early as I could everyday. I slept so much that I had strange, random dreams. At work, I was often frustrated and angry. As a result, I under performed. I failed my spinals and even could not intubate a Cormack and Lehane I. I was binge eating rubbish almost every day last week and feeling guilty about it.

Frustrating, ain't it?

Today, during church, I finally realised it was another bout of depression setting in. I did not realise until I came broken to Him. Then it suddenly made so much sense why the binge eating, somnolence and temper at work. I prayed against the devil trying to suck me into depression and proclaimed I'm Jesus's mighty name.

I hope this coming week would be better.


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