Post call routine

 Another fun call ended with emergency cesarean section for whose spinal I did successfully in a angle attempt.
Then I had Sarawak Laksa for breakfast. Sinful indulgence but worth the reward post call.
I headed to do grocery shopping for the Coffee Club. A little of getting lost at MJC but that is just typical of me..
Noon time was then dedicated to swimming. Did twenty laps with my cool swimming compatible Walkman. What could beat listening to your favourite tracks while swimming?
After that, I got home and made myself pasta for lunch. I then decided to bake bread pudding using the leftover bread.. It turned out disaster as I wrongly set the temperature, thanks to the Fahrenheit and celcius confusion for a moment.
After that, I died for 2 hours in bed. Trapped in an odd dream but managed to wake up 6pm to try on my poor bread pudding. That included scraping off the burnt surface, in case you are wondering.
Attempted to study a little.. Did a bit on neurotransmitters but ended up largely distracted so here I am..


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