It's been a good day

Four weeks of ITU posting has finally ended.

My verdict?

Not as bad as I thought. I think I am developing a love affair towards this specialty even more. I remember Patrick Wong telling me that I need to have more confident. Never mind he smirked at me saying I was considering anaesthetics as a career to pursue (not many student who proclaim such). I guess when I started housemanship, I was so terribly overwhelmed by the workload that I fail to see the big picture and my little lost dream.

Today, I find it interesting and intriguing to do what I am doing now. I wish I were smarter or have a better memory. I am so interested to quench my thirst of knowledge.. but couldn't seem to retain any! That, I shall leave for another day.

Today, on a brighter note, has been good. I swam 10 laps, attended church, roamed The Spring alone, satisfied my laksa craving, got lost around Kenyalang area and finally reached KPCA to donate blood.

Alright.. time to study!


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