Where will I meet him?

A brief conversation in the car today made me a ponder on one issue that I have avoided for years. Relationships. 

'Years', perhaps was just an exaggeration. 

There had only been one guy who made my life a whirlwind for a brief two year in London. He was the one who made me smile, laugh and almost cried. He was also the one who eventually broke my heart into pieces when I came to realise that he would never consider me anymore than just a friend, and all along it had been unrequited feelings.

At 28 years of age, I have become stony dull. While the former friend has since left after he messed up my feelings and now going to marry a girl who God knows where he met, I, on the other hand have become happier just being single. My job has preoccupied so much of my time that I never at once thought of guys or men.. (Okay maybe I did, few months ago.. But that was a different story altogether).. Til, maybe recently.

I think this is after seeing many unexpected people getting hitched up. Friends who never dated in their whole lives ending up with good men. And you sometimes wonder, if you could one day write a similar story as well.. I am no longer labelling people repellant, because seriously, there isn't even anyone who for me to repel against at this time and age..

Should I give up hope? Or continue dreaming that perhaps one day I could walk down the aisle too.. If it really comes true, mark my words - Minnie and CW Tan would have to make their speeches during the reception. Deal?


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