Ten laps and a stye

A couple of days ago, I decided to finally make the move to do something for my unfit, fat and flabby body. 

I decided to swim. 

Trust me, I used to be really active and worked out every morning and evening and felt so good bout it, but since I started work, I have been giving 74248 excuses. I earnestly want to work out but I just cannot seem to execute it. I feel rather down at my increasing waistline. People are commenting that I look pregnant (oh, thank you!) and it is so uncomfortable when you can't even fit in your routine clothes. 

So, cut the story short, I went swimming after 30 hours of work with only less than 3 hours of rest in between. I went with my friend Natasha who is 5 times thinner than me and who swam effortlessly fast. I panted so hard after the first lap and nearly wanted to give up but Nat pushed me. 

In the end, I swam ten laps and felt absolutely good about it. It made me less lethargic too. I really should try to keep this up, although I know it is tough with long hours at work and perpetually sleep deprivation. I must say - it really made a difference if you have someone to work out with. It is that accountability and motivation. Very encouraging indeed..

Having said that, I ended up with a stye on my left eye. Sighhhhhh....


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