The road taken

In 1995, in the very same house I am currently residing in, I made the decision to study hard for one sole reason - I needed to earn myself a scholarship. 

It finally materialised less than 10 years down the line. I earned myself a full scholarship for A Level and a partial overseas degree programme. I eventually graduated from one of the oldest (second??) medical schools in England. I never regretted one bit. 

It has been 10 years since I got the scholarship. I have since graduated and now training at a local hospital. Life has not been easy. I met with challenges, unhappy moments and plenty of stress. But looking back, I have not failed the goal I set for myself at the young age of 9 or so.

In 1995 too, my youngest sister was just born (end of 1994, to be exact). She led a completely different life as to us elder ones. She got almost everything she wanted, and even what I wanted (read: orthodontic braces). I bet, when she was my age, she did not even have a clear goal in life. Almost a spoilt brat, she just lived life as it was.. Maybe, til she reached 16 or so. She shot up to become a leader in school and probably, following her sisters' footsteps, she went on to garner a bursary and eventually earned herself a better place none of us would ever have imagined.

I must admit - I doubted her. I did not think she would have made it into one of the oldest and top dental schools in the UK. I thought it was impossible. She proved me wrong. 

I casually asked her, if I ever had a chance like her, would I ever be able to make it? She said of course. I am not sure. I had a very different path in terms of our scholarship offer. But it did make me think. Would I have gone to Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial or UCL?

Just a thought... 


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