Giving up

I think I have overdone it again. 

Sometimes I think, I should at least try.. Give it my best shot and see how it goes. Even though I fail, at least I could tell myself I have given it an attempt. I won't be feeling as if I missed a chance. So that was what I did.. I tried. Perhaps too much.. So much so that I diluted all my intents into a cocktail of cheapness and plain ordinary junk. Perhaps slightly borderline annoying and repellance, I believe.. 

I am feeling a little crushed at the moment. Simply cannot hide that disappointment in me. 

What have I done wrong? Is it my size? My inappropriateness? My boring personality? My ultra busy job scope? 

Oh wells.

It is time to put a stop to my wishful thinkings, hopes and dreams. The reality is.. No one decent would ever consider me, not even in a thousand years. 


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