You've got to wake up to reality

Last night, reality hit me. I have always wanted things my way - who was I to think I was that special that I would be the chosen one?

Reality finally sinks in. I would and always will be alone for a long time in my life. I am stubborn and would not compromise in heart-to-heart issues. I would not try for chemistry. I get repellant ever so easily.

It is alright while you have still got friends who are single and unattached. It can be fun not to have strings attached. Wonderful, when you can go out anytime to have tea with friends and dinner gatherings. But 10 years down the line, do you think it would feel the same way?

It is eerie for me to even think about it. Hard to believe that such a family person like me would end up not having any.. but don't think it is very surprising. They say the reverse always happens. It becomes quite sad when you see more and more people getting engaged and married. You realise you would eventually be left out.

Til then, 2 more daunting postings to go..

8 more months of tough life..

2 more years to hitting the big THIRTY!


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