I do not write so often anymore

I think I have a silly title for this post. But, the truth is, I have not written here for ages. It used to be a space for me to vent out. Nowadays, I do not even have an avenue to throw out all the opinions and rants. It is all about choices, people say. I know clearly it is my choice to be sleepy and doze off right after work. It is my choice not to gather and synthesize my thoughts and pen them down here.

I chose the 'easy' way out. In the journey of doing so, I self destroyed my hobby and ultimately, myself. I used to have hobbies - nowadays, I can't wait to get in bed to sleep. I used to enjoy good food and a drink. Now, I have to restrict myself as my weight shoots up like no one's business. I used to enjoy going to the gym and working out. I can't even walk 8 floors up now without panting away. NYHA class 2-3, I must insist.

There were so many things I took delight in.. and then I throw them away.. in the name of this so-called career. Which really, not getting any way, anyway.

I think the more I write, the more depressing I get.

So I shall stop now. I have tons of work and reading to do.. which I truly and genuinely cannot cope. I do not know how am I going to survive this. Ever.


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