In control

I guess we all like to be in control of things. One of my biggest problems is not being able to be in control of many things at my workplace. I can't seem to achieve what I want to do. I feel disappointed the clock beat me and services close before I had time to go for it. Issue is, we work round the clock but most services don't. It is frustrating, it is annoying.

Today, I made a mistake, I had a needle stick injury and I was cursing myself when I saw my blood flowing out of my gloved thumb. I had to go through the whole hassle of reporting Etc etc. It was a waste of my time. Tomorrow I have to attend to the infection control unit staff for another round of reporting which I totally dread because I perceive the time spent as a loss. Plainly said, I just want to be in control. And when I can't, I get really frustrated. 


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