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It must be silly years ago when my sister used to threaten me for fancying a random young swimmer on tv during the 1998 Commonwealth Games. He was just an uprising star that time, merely 14 or 15 years of age. Funnily enough, when he caught my attention, I had no idea he won the World Championships or what-not. I was completely clueless about him. Not to mention, we did not have internet nor Google. All I had was TV3 broadcast on the bulky huge television and newspaper clippings.

He suddenly became all so famous and a world renown champion few years down the line. I caught him on the television again during the Sydney 2000 Olympics and I remembered that very angina I got after he failed to win the 200m freestyle gold medal. It was comparable to watching Federer losing his Wimbledon in 2008 to Nadal, I must confess.

Some 10 years ago..

Somehow, after the Olympics in Athens, I lost track of this swimmer. He must have retired or something. Didn't I always say how medical school just suck the life out of you? Just no news whatsoever. Perhaps my ignorance got the better of me.

Just recently, I saw some Facebook feeds on Thorpe again. I was puzzled momentarily. Since when did I 'like' him on Facebook? I started following his tweets and read all the news/gossips that I have missed all these years. What is more, he just came out with his autobiography which I am itching to lay my hands on!

He was in Selfridges this week doing book signing and I just felt a deep pang of regret for not being there. London was where I lived for 3 years and now that I am so far away from this buzzing city, I feel so left out. If only he came out with his book this time last year, I would have gone to meet him in person!

However, that said, we have Twitter which makes life so much more interesting and amusing. It is the nearest we can get to celebrities, I must say. All these technology was not present back then in 1998. I wonder how would life be if there were internet and social networks back then?

A question to ponder...

That said, I have been called to duty and is now officially an employed house officer with the starting pay of a pathetic GBP500+ equivalent. I get more as a student and much more excitement too. That's life, I suppose? 10 kilos heavier now, with a self esteem as low as pomelo (just to make it rhyme), I am now embarking life in adulthood proper.

I might, shall I warn you first, disappear from the face of the earth when my proper clinical work ensues..


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