I already have it here. Chill.

I have been having strange dreams about myself not being able to complete medical school. In one of my dreams, I had to repeat my final year and I was wondering if I could make it by next year. I was worried about living arrangement ecetra. The next thing I remembered, I woke up puzzled.

Haven't I already come home for good?

Another dream was as confusing. Apparently, I quit Year 12 and restarted my entire GCE A Level nearly a decade ago. My dream was set in that particular era. Somehow, something was muddled up and then the big question was how was I supposed to complete my medical school with such mismatched study arrangements?

Not surprising, I woke up realising it was another nightmare.

It certainly felt like too surreal that I already have the degree Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae in my hands. Chill.

Somehow, I still get all these random nightmares now and then. Am I just anxious about starting work, or am I simply sleeping too much?


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