I was overly ambitious. I wanted to do a reverse park and realised there was no way on earth I could get the butt of the car into the parking lot. That was then I decided to turn one round to avoid any potential embarassment.

As I made the turn, I caught this dude at the corner of my eyes coming out a white MPV-looking car. He immediately made an impression on me. He was dressed in office attire and was taking out his gym bag. I shuddered at the thoughts. The similarities must have been all made up in my mind, I convinced myself. I saw an empty spot beside his car. I decided too late to park into it and made a messy turn. I swore under my breath.

If he had noticed, I would have failed right away under his 'first impression' grades. I hastily reversed and made another turn and attempt. Finally I parked neatly into the spot adjacent to his car. He must had gone into the gym by then. Flustered, I grabbed my bag and made my way to the reception.

It was at the reception when it struck me - he must have signed in right before me. My heart fluttered as I took the pen to sign in. I squinted at the scribbles - Derek. I finally put a name to the face! Well, not exactly 'face'. I did not even manage to catch a glimpse of his face. Only that faraway snapshot of his physique. I sighed and went to the locker.

Needless to say, I was unable to identify him after that. I was almost certain it was another figment of my imagination; that resemblance.


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