That's all I ask of you

To the KL and back. It only adds to my distaste to the place. Urgh. Hates it.

However, the main purpose of my trip was actually to my former roommate's wedding. Yes! Some 8 years ago, we were still fresh college students stuck in the Shah Alam de dreadful. Horrible conditions but awesome friendships!

I must say - it had always been me who knew I wanted to get married at age 24. Guess who is the only single girl remaining? No need to guess.

Ironic, no? I guess it had always been pretty predictable. It had always been a known unknown. The girl who always wanted something would never get it. Serves me right.

Having said that, it was good to be around familiar faces. I was almost reduced to tears when the bride walked down the aisle! Such a sucker to emotions. To witness the holy matrimony right in front of my eyes was a privilege. It was a celebration; a very joyous one, indeed.


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