Instilling passion

My life is a confusion at the moment. I slumber more than 10 hours a day (GASP!), spend hours reading novels and watching television in between. This leaves barely enough room for physical activity. Having said that, I have been taking swimming and tennis lessons - all to my very disappointment when I learn the truth that not only I possess zero talents in sports, I also lack coordination in both fields. 

Thus, one can conclude that I have since gained weight. 

Whilst my job application is going nowhere (another phone call today yielded no result, to my utter annoyance), I have picked up another 'job' - math tutoring. I have attempted to tutor my cousin few years back but I realised I also did not have any talent in this field [to which, one wonders... what talent does Coco actually posses? Love, probably (of which love in terms of tennis terms, thank you very much)]. However, I was determined to help my other little cousin out this time around. She loves green but I am adamant in making her love mathematics too.

In the process of tutoring her, I discovered that I not only wanted to improve her scores in school exams, I also wanted very much to instill that passion in her. Math is your friend, not a foe. I have never been good in numbers (to which P Wong wanted to slaughter me in the OT) but I had been once in the boat where I felt lost and helpless when it came to the very subject my mum taught for over 30 years. I worked my way out of cluelessness and careless mistakes to the point I reached perfection in my secondary school mathematics. I soared above the level I was in. I could see beyond the hard rules. I could make logic out of the numbers and signs. In short, I conquered math.

Three sessions into our informal class, I slowly find that although I still suck big time at trying to explain to my little cousin, I find that she has grown some fondness in this subject. She improved significantly in her revision paper recently, to her amazement and to my delight. Together, we identified areas of weakness - angles, graph-related questions, factorisation ecetra. With the help of my mum who just recently retired from civil service, we strive for two goals

1. To improve the basic foundation of math
2. To reduce careless mistakes which are classified No-No

Although I have a feeling that PMR math standard would not be as sky high and she probably would end up scoring an A, I want to make her feel confident about scoring it and being able to conquer the subject and make it her strength as she progresses into upper form. 


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