The phantom

I spent a bomb to catch it one other time.

Well, not anywhere near how much I spent on my Wimbledon QFs tickets, but being in the limbo of jobless between graduating and applying for work, finances are not the simplest thing. I am glad because I got so captivated over this musical since a couple of months ago. This delayed obsession by far has been the best.

During the intermission, I was pondering - why such a late obsession? What took me so long to come to love this musical so much? I have been in London almost 3 years yet this came at the brink of the end of my London years. Why did I nominate Les Misérables as my favourite for as long as I remembered? Do not get me wrong - I absolutely love (and still do!) Les Mis. I would watch it over and over again as well.

The crux of this whole issue had to do with my own connections and emotions, I must say. I watched Les Mis with a bunch of people I love/loved. How far we've come since those days - the picture on the right would never be reproduced. Ever.

Towards Phantom, it was slilghtly more complicated. I was subconsciously mad he did not even bother to include me when he went for a Saturday matinee. I kept that 'grudge', if you may say - it is a little rebellion in me, refusing to catch the musical after being 'left out'. Problem was, it was not even a deliberate being left out business. I was just me rebelling against my inner demons. Excuses were plentiful. Partly, it was laziness and passivity. I put off this must-watch musical for a good 2 years plus..

Until one day, I got a treat for a balcony seat for POTO on a Saturday matinee. I went for it without doing any homework. I was impressed, but from a birdview, I was not certain I could put it above my all-time favourite Les Mis. Deep down inside, I knew I just did not want to give that place to POTO simply because there were emotional sentiments attached to Les Mis - the company I went with.

I fell for POTO proper not long after that. I finally succumbed. Part of me felt liberated. I no longer had to associate my love towards musical based on who I went with or who did not include me in his musical trip. I felt foolish, no doubt. I enjoyed POTO so, so much that I went for a second treat.

Second time brought even more clarity. I am looking forward to my third trip soon.


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