The little ambition must have kicked off more than a decade ago.

And I finally got my MBBS degree! Who would have thought I would end up with a London degree? Especially since my so-near-yet-so-far attempt of winning a once in a lifetime trip to the UK in 2003 when I was shortlisted as one of Real UK competition finalists. I thought I would never get the chance to visit this country anymore; after I failed to impress the judges with my video shooting skills. I ended up with a RM500 voucher from MPH and another RM500 for my school library.

Safe to say - the cartoons made it! Three years of insanity, countless nights on Gtalk chats, coffee breaks at M&S and great drinking sessions - we have made it to Barbican.

And we threw our hats off -

Cheers to a MBBS (London) degree. Cheers to cartoons surviving the three years. passing every single exam. Cheers to having a great three years in London - the wine, the beer, the disco and possibly Gordon. :P


carr0ts said…
Ahhh I am so so so happy for you!! :) Congratulations, Lynnxie!
Adam scott said…
Hey congrats!! You are a perfect player.

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