New obsession

I really do have delayed onset of many things. Aside from the fact that I have high school crushes (should have been termed 'med school crush' instead) 10 years post 'high school', I also developed this strange obsession towards.. umm..


This is a one-week delayed onset obsession towards a musical (I watched it alone last week).

Strange, indeed. So strange I am almost convinced I want to get the DVD which features Ramin Karimloo.

I think the obsession started few hours ago when I was watching the 25th anniversary Les Miserables concert on YouTube and this Enjolras caught my eyes. Mind you, I didn't even know that Marius was played by Nick Jonas until I googled it up. I googled the actor who played Enjolras and started reading about Ramin Karimloo.

I found that he playes not only the character of Enjolras, but also Marius.. and Jean Valjean! Oh, not only that. He played the Erik the phantom in Phantom Of The Opera and also Raoul. I was intrigued. Why did he play 3901283021 characters in the two 'classics' of musicals?

I searched more. I found the 25th anniversary Phantom at the Royal Albert Hall videos on YouTube and got so hooked on them I almost convinced myself I should buy the DVD or blueray (gotta check if we have the player at home?) and watch it at home with the flat screen tv.

I found out there are different regions of DVD that I should be aware of.. Amazon is selling it for almost GBP100! This is called siao max. Or, if you like it, siao +++.

Anyway, then I found this -

Not only that. I managed to googled even his wife, who happens to be a Zumba instructor. The power of information technology! Tsk.

So yes, I think I would probably splurge on the DVD and watch it during a very lonely night alone.


jazz said…
aww.. hugs for u when u feel lonely..
LX said…
shoo can hug :D

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