Because I might forget

News: Domain's still down. Mystery unsolved. Can't be bothered either.

Right now: I am in a whirlwind of activities, remnants of elective and also packing and ordering stuffs.

Tonight, we caught Sister Act at the New Wimbledon Theatre. A ticket for a tenner - what a bargain! And I must say, in the midst of my phantom craze, I could still appreciate some fun music.

For the sake of my own memory, I would like to pen down the theatres I have watched. In case I forget, that is.

Just for the record..

1. Lion King
2. Wicked
3. Les Miserables (LOVE IT!)
4. Love Story
5. Wizard of Oz
6. Phantom of the Opera (LOVE IT +++)
7. Sister Act

1. Giselle
2. Swan Lake
3. Nutcracker

1. The Railway Children

1. Wimbledon ground ticket
2. Wimbledon QFs centre court
3. ATP World Tour Finals O2

1. Some jazz concert (!?) - Royal Festival Hall
2. Some gospel concert (?) - Royal Festival Hall
3. Rosi Golan, pub gig at The Slaughtered Lamb
4. Prom Praise

Have I missed any?


jazz said…
wow.. u watched a lot.

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