The stranger with a golf bag at Stockwell

4 minutes to the next tube to Morden. My nose twitched. Four minutes. Too long for a London Underground standard. I bet the carriages would be ultra full.

I dug out the Kindle and continued reading. From the corners of my eyes, I caught a glimpse of this man in crisp formal shirt and trousers with a golf bag. He caught my attention, I just did not know why. I continued reading my Kindle. One minute.

When the tube finally came, I won my bet (against myself, that is). The train was full. I could not seem to get on and did not really bother too, so I thought the next one coming in 2 minutes' time would be smarter option. I took a step back and my eyes shifted back onto the e-ink screen.

While the earphones were blasting out songs from the Phantom of The Opera and my attention glued to the e-book I was immersed in, my eyes could not stop wandering to the man with a formal attire and a golf bag. Who was he? Why bringing a golf bag dressed so smart?

The train came fairly quickly. It was carrying less than half the previous train. I spotted some empty seats. Just as the train came to a halt, I stood forward on the platform, just adjacent to this man I could not help but noticing since the past 3 minutes or so. I made sure I did not stare at him, just to make myself look like a fool.

When the doors opened, they opened right in front of him. I turned to the side, making a tiny queue to wait for my turn to get up. After all, I was confident there would be a seat for me. No rush, I told myself.

To my split-second surprise, he turned to face me and told me to get up first. I gave a polite smile and overtook him and went in the carriage, carrying my two shopping bags.

I felt my cheeks warm while I got seated. He finally boarded the train and took the seat beside me. I could not stop taking my eyes off the golf bag. I took off my earphones as they hurt my ears - I almost felt embarassed he might hear my POTO songs.

"Do you play golf?" I was caught by the split-second surprise again.

"Urps, nope. No," I sounded clumsy and silly, almost. I forced another polite smile. "Do you?" OMG. I sounded like a complete fool.

He smiled, and I felt my heart going into flutter rhythm for at least three seconds.

I laughed nervously, "Of course you do, how stupid of me."

He laughed with me. Laughter was indeed contagious. "What are you reading?"

"Ah, oh. This.. some random novel I don't even know the title!" I laughed again.

He smiled. And yes - flutter rhythm again.

I smiled back, rather smitten by this complete stranger.

Alright. I lied.

It never turned out that way. Heh.

Truth: There was a man in formal attire with a golf bag standing beside me. Yes, he turned to me and asked me to board the train first. However, I did not sit beside him. Nor did I take off my earphones. I love my POTO songs. In reality, I sat sort of opposite him. But yes, he caught my attention to a certain extent. He went off at Balham. All I did was turned to try catch a last glimpse of him on the platform, but I was too late. So, I went back to my Kindle.



jazz said…
Lol that was entertaining though.
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